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OAR- Optimized and Auto Routing

Reliable navigation during the time of an emergency is of the utmost importance. A system that will help all the ambulance to get quicker and faster route during the time of crisis. This navigation system help in mapping the areas and tracking vehicles and assets present at the time of commute.

Time is everything in case of an emergency, with this futuristic system we will not only be able to minimize the time on the road but also lesser accidental risks. A technology that involves everyone from stakeholders to the people who are responsible for taking the patient to the hospital with effective measures and smart execution.

Along with providing a guiding map, the system will offer an organized data library of ambulance everyday route for a specific time, arability of ambulance on every call, driver’s performance and the response rate. With the help of all this information, necessary changes and actions can be taken to improve and upgrade the emergency services.