Home is one safe place for everyone but what about when you go out or are a regular public transport user. Discover a new level of public transport security along with making the right decision for every incident. A device that easily tracks your location and informs the nearest authority is something that will make personal safety a whole lot easier.

It’s a complex task to overlook all the events that can happen in public transportation due to its vast outspread. At any given moment you could face violence. In order to stay on top of things, you need a system that can deliver.

With the help of this device, the safety measures will be much tighter and it will be much easier to track the crime. With this device, one won’t need an app to contact the authority as it can function on any web browser. With safe it will be easier to manage the crowd.

With this device, you can get help fast and even capture evidence that can be used to prosecute an attacker.